We have to say, the name of this Canadian company is something we here at Green Bee Boutique absolutely love! The name drew us in at first, but once we saw their eco-friendly beeswax wraps on, we knew we had to have their products in the boutique!

Made by hand with love in North Bay, Ontario, BEE NICE was founded in a household kitchen with founder and Ryerson design and marketing grad, Jordanna, and her two children working on a fun project together. It turns out, that beeswax wraps are the perfect zero-waste alternative to plastic wrap. In fact, beeswax wraps keep your food fresh for longer, while still allowing it to breathe. BEE NICE wraps are the perfect way to begin your plastic-free journey and a must-have for every kitchen.

I’ve been using beeswax wraps for a few years now and find that they are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to keeping your food fresh without using saran wrap. When I came across BEE NICE Goods beeswax wraps, I was immediately drawn to the design of each wrap. These wraps come in so many fun designs and vibrant colours they make being an eco-conscious person that much more fun!

After having children, BEE NICE founder, Jordanna, became more eco-conscious and was looking for ways to become more sustainable in her day-to-day life. She loved the idea of beeswax wraps, but most available were boring and bland. So, combining her passion for both design and the environment, BEE NICE was born! Her venture began and as you can see, her design background paid off. Her product is eco-friendly and beautiful! Who wouldn’t want to wrap up their leftover veggies in a fun taco Tuesday wrap (Weekend Wrap)?

We are so excited to carry this beautifully designed product in our essential green lineup!