Love design & hand-drawn artwork made by home-grown talent?

Now Designs - Danica Studio

If you love design, hand-drawn artwork made by home-grown talent, beautifully unique products with quality details and you haven’t yet heard of Danica Studio…Well then, it’s your lucky day! We love these attributes in products too, and when we find Canadian-made, eco-conscious lifestyle brands that combine sustainability and beauty, we get extra excited! Danica is the parent company to Now Designs, Danica Studio, Danica Heirloom & Ecologie Living. Danica is one of those great brands you stumble across and ask yourself how you lived without it before. They are proudly Canadian and family-owned and run. With big visions, this small business is located out west in Vancouver BC, busily designing.

Nine very talented in-house designers sketch, paint, illustrate, photograph and argue over the merits of various Canadian indie brands of the ‘90s, all while generating the most amazing designs and details for each item. Some of the designers have a textile background, while some are graphic designers by trade, but they all love fabric. Danica Studio’s core collection includes shower curtains, canvas bags, aprons, dishtowels and cosmetic bags. This company not only focuses on the beauty of their products, but also their corporate culture and producing a sustainable and eco-conscious brand. They like to say that superior products require superior design, and we couldn’t agree more.

These products make a great gift for yourself or someone else, and you can feel fabulous rocking your eco-friendly Forever Fierce canvas bag, knowing you’re supporting a company that gives back in so many ways. We can’t wait for you to check out their modern and quirky products, with a distinctly Canadian flavour, not unlike a good craft beer.