January- A time to; reset, reorganize & refocus on positive changes.

Sadly, the hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us, but the great thing about January and a new year is that urge to reset, reorganize and refocus on positive changes. For myself, I’m looking forward to making choices in our home that help our environment.

This month, I want to focus on ‘old me’ vs. ‘new me’ initiatives. GBB will be posting a variety of old vs. new themed wellness products and ideas to hopefully give you some inspiration and show you that making seemingly tiny environmental changes really can make a big difference.

One change that I have made as a resolution for 2021, is to do my best to avoid single use plastics. In this case, I’ve chosen to start with my disposable razors. I am super excited to introduce you to a new product Green Bee is so excited to support and NOW carry! well kept safety razors and shave products. well kept products are manufactured here in Canada by two friends wanting to make this same change in their daily lives— to get away from the single-use little blue razor. “After a lot of research and product testing, we decided to create well kept to provide a superior, more sustainable alternative for women’s shaving.” A safety razor is a lifelong investment and can be used by all genders. The upfront cost may seem high, but in the long run, you save hundreds of dollars by never having to purchase disposable plastic razors ever again. These razors are not only better for the environment, they’re also beautifully made.

Over two billion plastic razors and cartridges are discarded annually in the U.S. alone — By switching to a safety razor you can do your part by helping reduce that number!

Check out all your options for making this switch at GreenBeeBoutique.com.