The Freedom in Freedom Moses!

Last summer, a friend and I took our kids to the lake. She showed up with a pair of Freedom Moses slides. I’ll admit it…at first, I judgingly scoffed at the fact that they were plastic sandals. I thought to myself, “Why would I put my foot into a plastic sandal where I’m going to sweat and slide around?” They also didn’t seem sustainable in any way, so I dismissed them and wore my little leather sandals that broke three hours later from just a short time in the water and sand. I then gave my friends Freedom Moses slides a try and of course I was proven completely wrong. These slides were cute, comfortable and I loved every borrowed minute in them!

Recently, while looking for fun options for GBB, I thought back to this day at the lake and decided to do a little background research on FM. The thousands of five-star reviews spoke for themselves. Not only are Freedom Moses slides a fan fave, but each pair is ethically crafted and sustainable, making the footwear line both vegan and recyclable. On top of that, they’re waterproof and injected with air for continuous comfort. They’re the perfect summer shoe!

So, with that information, I decided they would be a fantastic addition to GBB and of course my own closet. I purchased my first pair, the Lily Rose Amazonia, in March, and have been wearing them around the house with socks, and on our random warm days, no socks! To my surprise, there have been no sweaty feet issues either due to their uniquely designed cross hatched patterned insole that keeps your foot from sliding!. So far, I’ve worn them around the block with the pups, heading in and out of the house to check the mail or for the quick little morning drop-off with the kids. It’s so nice to be able to just slip them on and head out! And yes, at times even with socks, because it’s totally ok when you are rocking such fun prints and colours. The hard part about staying eco-conscious with this brand is that they are so fun and comfy that you’ll want more than one pair. At least they’re recyclable! And I’ve read that founder, Sarah Gurt, is working on biodegradable shoes for a future collection. Until then I am excited and happy to support these incredibly comfortable, recyclable, waterproof, honey and milk scented Freedom Moses Slides.