Unique & sustainable concrete!? Meet Grey Shed!

We’ve been talking a lot about soap bars and artisan soaps, but we haven’t yet talked much about the importance of taking care of your soap bars. The perfect pairing for a soap bar is a great soap dish. It’s important for the soap dish to have the proper shape and vented slots to extend the life of your soap and prevent it from becoming soft.

A good soap dish will help your soap dry out properly and allow for air to circulate, which helps extend the life of it. There are many different soap dishes to choose from, but we like to keep things simple, functional and beautiful. So, we found some amazing local soap dishes that are not only functional, but sustainable.

Grey Shed is a fantastic retailer out of St. Albert, AB. Sara created Grey Shed almost two years ago. Her journey with concrete began with the idea of balancing her rough edge with femininity, all while remaining environmentally conscious during each step of production. One of Grey Shed’s main initiatives is all about trying to keep their materials local, recycling concrete and wasting as little as possible. They are also members of the 1% FOR THE PLANET, which pledges to be kinder to the planet and ALL of its inhabitants.

Sara’s pieces are so very unique and make a beautiful statement in your bathroom. You’ll not only love looking at them, you’ll feel great knowing you helped a creative, local business that works hard and also gives back to our beautiful planet. Green Bee Boutique is so excited and proud to now carry a variety of unique and beautifully crafted soap dishes and planters by Grey Shed! If you are ordering any artisan soaps or shampoo and conditioner bars, be sure to pick up a gorgeous handcrafted soap dish to accompany your new bar!

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