We are all washing our hands more than ever before, so why not make it enjoyable and opulent!

This week, Green Bee Boutique is pleased to feature another Edmonton owned company, Soap So Co., created by two wonderful individuals, Kieron and Ian, who I’ve recently met in my search for amazing, sustainable and local goods.

Soap So Co. makes beautiful and creatively designed soaps that are sustainable, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They create soaps that are fun, without sacrificing quality, which is exactly what you get! These artisan soaps are not only beautiful pieces of art, but usable, which to us, is so important, and smell like pure luxury—delightful, yet not overpowering.

There are a variety of designs and scents to choose from, and some of our favourites are now available at Green Bee Boutique. Take a peek below and let us know what one you’re most drawn to!

Stripes: This creamy, sweet combination brings us back to summer days lying lazily in the grass, enjoying a treat we just got from an ice cream truck. But it’s not ice cream. It’s one of those popsicles. You know the ones we mean. Ah summer...

Scent Profile: Ocean Mist, Sea Grass, Agave Nectar and Coconut Milk

Beach Breeze: If you’re splish-splash takin’ a bath, why not bring along this refreshing soap and whisk your spirit away to an ocean getaway? Or, If you’re from Alberta, Canada like us, the nearest lake! Dive in to this clean and inviting scent that combines a top layer of water lily and lavender with a bottom layer of orange essential oil and granulated orange peel. Clean off that beach bod and let’s go!

Scent Profile: Orange Zest, Peony, Water Lily, Lavender, Moss and Light Wood

Moon Child: Moon child will blast off your nostrils to a universe far, far away (license-free Star Wars reference) with its deliciously candy-coated scent. Take a moment to stop and wonder as you treat yourself to a soap that’s truly out of this world.

Scent Profile: Star Anise, Peppermint and Lavender