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Our goal at Green Bee Boutique is to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your shopping experience. 

We accept returns of unopened products up to 15 days after the date of purchase. 

Opened or used products or any items marked as non-refundable/Final sale are not within our return guidelines. 

Please contact to initiate your return. Where a return is possible, a representative will be in contact with you. 

We cannot accept any returns from products in the following categories:

  • All PPE Face Masks (reusable and disposable)

  • All Diapers (Disposable & Cloth)

  • Baby Carriers

  • Nursing Clothes

  • Re-usable feminine pads

  • Salt Lamps

  • ALL Furniture (includes all baby gyms, large coat racks etc)

  • Bedding Accessories

  • Items that have been removed from their original packaging, assembled or modified

  • Any items marked as non-returnable on the product page

If you would like to make a return request, please email with your order number and note the item(s) that you would like to return and the reason for the return. Someone from Customer Care will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Processing Time

All orders require 1-3 business days of processing time to be picked, packed and prepared for shipping unless otherwise noted on the product page of the item(s) you've ordered. 


Economy Shipping will deliver your package using standard shipping methods. Green Bee Boutique ships using multiple delivery partners. A carrier will be assigned to your order at the time of shipping. 


Order cancellation is a time-sensitive action and is not always possible once an order has been placed. Please reach out to our team at as soon as possible. If cancellation is not possible at the time of contact, our Customer Care Team can help facilitate a return upon delivery (excluding final sale items and items mentioned below). 

Please double check all order details thoroughly prior to placing your order as we are unable to add additional products or edit details of your order after it has been placed. If you've made an error in your order please contact our Customer Care team immediately for the best assistance.

 *Please note that we are not the manufacturers of the products we sell. If you have a performance and/or warranty issue or a general complaint with a product, please contact the manufacturer at the number on the packaging.


Green Bee Boutique's FAQ's...

-What motivated you to start up Green Bee Boutique?

I've been wanting to do this for a while. When I was little, my mom had always reminded me to recycle and since we didn't have much, we were big on living a minimalistic lifestyle. My mom still sleeps in the bed she had when she was a kid! I however won't deny that I have enjoyed life's finer things. It wasn't until after having kids that I realized we needed to make changes in our lives in hopes to keep this amazing planet that we live in alive and sustainable for our children and their children's children (hopefully). In 2018 I visited a local environmental shop, and they were the inspiration/catalyst for my decision to start my own online eco shop. I think that all shops should look to create an eco-alternative to some aspect of their retail lives. If every shop or major business implemented some form of sustainability to their platform, we would be working together to help our communities instead of adding to excess and pollution. 


-How did you come up with the name “Green Bee Boutique”? 

I thought of bees and how they work together in their communities for the betterment of their hive. My hope is that in some way we can, like bees, work together in our communities to build greener, more sustainable, eco-conscious lifestyles. Thus, ‘green bees’, working together.


-How do you decide what products GBB sells? 

I have visited a lot of farmers markets and enjoy seeing what our community has to offer. I love our shop local page, as I think the most important thing a retailer can do is promote local eco-conscious businesses. My sister-in-law has also been a huge help in finding the coolest Canadian eco-friendly shops and has introduced me to a lot of fun and unique brands. I do my best to look into local shops and contact the ones that I find inspiring and important to carry.


-What makes a product “green” or “sustainable”?

Green products are energy-efficient, durable and usually require low maintenance. They're often made from recycled materials, or from renewable sources, and can be biodegradable or easily reused or recycled at the end of their life cycle. Sustainable products are those products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials until the final disposal.


-How can I recommend a vendor or a product? 

Honestly, I really do love all the products we carry under our ‘Shop Local’ tab. I wouldn't carry them if I didn't. I think they are so unique and the people behind them are so passionate about sustainability and helping our environment. For example, how unique is the idea of a toothpaste tablet? Change Toothpaste from Edmonton came up with this idea and they sell this product all over the world. No mess, biodegradable packaging and it does an amazing job without the use of chemicals. So great, so smart. I could go on about the others, Tru Earth detergent strips, routine natural deodorant with a refillable jar, or compostable applicator. Jack59 shampoo bars that actually work and come with recyclable packaging. Grey Shed, Soap So Co., well kept, Bee Nice, Ecology, Moss Creek, and Victorian Grooming. I love them all and am so thankful for their existence and partnership with Green Bee Boutique. If you know of a locally owned small business with innovative and eco-friendly or sustainable products, feel free to email or message Green Bee Boutique on Instagram!