Cooling Cleansing Oil

Huile nettoyante rafraîchissante
With cucumber & Gingko Biloba
Avec concombre et Gingko Biloba
2 OZ/ 60 ML e

This gentle cooling oil cleanses and removes makeup, dirt, and grime while maintaining the natural moisture balance of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, this luxurious formula is a mix of rice bran oil and calendula oil.

Organic and all natural ingredients. Quality guaranteed. Dermatologist and Aesthetician tested. No animal testing. Paraben and Sulfate free. No water added.

Primary Ingredients:

Gingko Biloba: Contain flavonoids and ginkgolides (ginkgolides A, B, C, and J) which are well-known to antioxidant, regenerating, lipolytic and reepithelizing effects.

Rice Bran Oil: Ricebran oil is rich in unsaponifiable oils and gamma oryzanol which provide antioxidant properties.

Calendula Flower

To Use:

Fall in love with the cleansing oil ritual. Apply 8-12 drops onto your palms and your fingertips. Massage in counter-clockwise circles against the grain of hair follicles for cleaner pores and softer skin. For eye makeup removal, apply two drops to your fingertips and massage onto the eye area. Suggested to use a cotton pad to gently wipe off old makeup or a warm towel.

How We Give Back

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