Instant Facial

A wonderful facial mask made with a balanced combination of luxe oils that are moisturizing, nourishing and non-comedogenic for all skin types; including sensitive, oily and inflamed skin types. It feels heavenly going on, melting instantly, soothing the skin, while removing every trace of dirt, makeup and impurity. A little added water during the process magically transforms the cleanser into a silky-soft, milky lotion that is easily removed, leaving skin pristine, smooth, and radiant.

Choose your skin type:


china white clay, aloe vera, green tea and bamboo extract, niacinamide


china white clay, aloe vera, green tea and willow bark extract, niacinamide


china white clay, bentonite clay, green tea and willow bark extract, niacinamide


china white clay, french pink clay, aloe vera and rosehip extract, niacinamide


Begin with DRY skin. Take out a potion the size of an almond from the jar. Spread and warm the balm evenly between your fingertips and then gently massage it over your entire face and neck in small circular motions; do this for one full minute. This will ensure that the cleanser has fully softened and broken down the makeup and dirt on your skin. With your fingertips, apply small amounts of water and keep massaging until the mask becomes white and milky. Keep massaging for another minute to thoroughly; add more water as necessary. Remove with a soft, warm, wet cloth and finish by rinsing with warm water. Gently pat your face dry with a soft towel. Celebrate your velvety skin!


Packaged in a recyclable glass jar with a brushed silver lid. Includes a waterproof label with full ingredients list and instructions.


For external use only. Avoid contact with mouth. Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated.

​SIZE: 2oz/85g

How We Give Back

We believe in giving back; We are proud to give 1% of all orders directly to environmental not for profit groups whose focus is the protection, preservation and restoration of our planet. This means every time you purchase from us, 1% goes directly to an environmental cause.