Pure Joy : Holiday Mini Body Set by OM Organics Skincare

Snow days make perfect home spa days. Wake up to your hopelessly buried car and smile—because you’re prepared. A silky wash, a sandy scrub, a butter you’ll want to taste and an oil that vanishes completely … except for its sugarplum scent. Get two, give one, and share the joy. OM boxed them so beautifully, you can skip the wrapping paper.

Lime + Clary Sage Hand + Body Wash - 60 ml
Vanilla Moon Radiant Body Scrub - 65 g
Neroli + Pepper Nourishing Body Butter - 55 ml
Wild Plum + Cypress Aromatic Body Oil - 57 ml

Made in Canada
• Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

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