About Us

Our Story 

This is us. We are a family of six (us and our two pups, Ralph and Louie) and we are excited about our future together! 


We worry about our beautiful planet and if it will be around for the future that we so look forward to. As we’ve learned more about the dangers Earth faces, we decided that we would no longer be part of the problem, but part of the solution and play a part in combatting some of these dangers. As a family, we’ve worked hard to become more conscious in the way we consume and purchase products every single day. Green Bee Boutique is here to make those choices easier for you as well, and hopefully, as a whole, our community, or our hive as we like to call it, can work together to give back to our beautiful planet so that it can be around for our children and their children’s future. 


With a background in International Business and Supply Chain Management, and the idea to create a sustainable shop, I decided to start Green Bee Boutique. Our hope is to help consumers feel good about shopping. We want our customers to know that the items they purchase are sustainable, compostable, and consciously made, and all in all better for our planet and our futures. 


Thanks for shopping with Green Bee Boutique!

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