Good Juju Body & Home - Shampoo & Conditioner Bars, Laundry Detergent Strips

 Good Juju is an amazing Canadian company aiming to make a big difference, one bar, and one eco-laundry pack at a time.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: "By going solid, we’re concentrating the good stuff and eliminating the water. One bar of our solid shampoo or conditioner can take the place of as many as three plastic bottles. Over the course of a year, that’s a lot fewer bottles destined for the landfill, and far less fuel emissions than would otherwise be created by shipping all that water weight around." 

Laundry Detergent Strips: "Their innovative laundry strip formula is super-concentrated, containing no water and requiring no plastic bottle. Each 30-strip envelope prevents one 1-liter plastic jug from entering the landfill, and results in a 94% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions, compared to liquid alternatives." -good juju.