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We are your "go-to green boutique" for eco-friendly, community supporting, & sustainably satisfying products.  Check us out! We know you will find something you love. 

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Biodegradable & Nature Conserving Products.

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 Natural Fabrics and Renewable Clothing.

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Non-Toxic Makeup & Beauty. 

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Green Bee Boutique

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We may not be able to change the world, but we can sure try. Our small business, Green Bee Boutique, was founded on this principle in our hometown of Edmonton, Alberta. Our vision for Green Bee Boutique is to deliver eco-conscious and sustainable products that don’t compromise on quality.


We are strong believers that change comes from ourselves and we do our best to source a variety of products made through eco-friendly and sustainable means. Our selection of recycled and ethically sourced products available in our online store are from around the globe and of the highest quality. If we don’t believe in the product, or wouldn’t use it ourselves, you won’t see it in our shop! It’s as simple as that. Our focus is always on supplying Canadians with products they can feel good about. 


Now we totally understand that the idea of a fully green and eco-friendly lifestyle may be daunting, but a little goes a long way. No one can live perfectly sustainable overnight, but by starting to purchase through more eco-friendly means we can begin to make a great impact. Just like bees, we believe it’s important to work together for the betterment of our ‘hive’!

Thanks for checking out Green Bee Boutique!

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Why we love this word!


We say it a lot, but it's an important word. Eco-friendly, all-natural products ensure safety from all dangerous chemicals and allow families to avoid risky additives that can cause many issues. Not only do these types of products ensure safety in your home but for our planet too!

White Earth


I really liked TruEarth detergent. Not only did it feel good to use a product that helps eliminate waste, it also had nice scent and worked well... even on my kids clothes!



Without a doubt, Jack59 is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. I have thick, dry, frizzy hair that has never been this smooth and healthy since I've started using this shampoo. I also have had postpartum hair loss after having babies and love using the Restore for it. My regrowth has been amazing sinceI've switched to it. I love that the Jack59 products are environmentally friendly -Love the bottle-less, plastic-free system. Love, love, love this brand and everything it stands for!


I love TruEarth detergent! It's super easy to use, smells great but doesn't leave a really strong scent on your clothing. I also love the fact that it is helping the environment by eliminating plastic waste!

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