It all started with a Girl Named Sue !

The newest addition to the Green Bee Boutique lineup is none other than an Albertan brand, Routine natural goods. This is one product line that you can just feel comfortable using every single day, as all of their products are filled with clean, wholesome, and locally sourced ingredients.


I recently came across a girl named Sue, one of the routine’s creatively named deodorant jars, and the fun name and packaging instantly caught my eye—I mean who isn’t a sucker for good branding? So, I decided to give it a go. Flashback to a few years ago, when I decided to make the conscious effort to switch from antiperspirant (filled with a bunch of toxins and chemicals that I’m personally not into putting on my body) to natural deodorant. Now, I know what you’re thinking…natural deodorant tends to get a bad rap and of course, the switch was different, and the detox took some getting used to, but I’ve never looked back. I ended up using Dove 0% Aluminum and have stuck with it since…that is until now!


Since finding routine., my own daily routine has been totally transformed. This wasn’t just a pretty package, it actually worked! It not only helped to cover up my natural, sweaty, but totally normal underarm smells with the refreshing and subtle scent of sage and raspberry, but I was surprised to find that this deodorant also kept my sweat at bay. Routine. products contain magnesium, which is not only natural but helps to relax your armpits to reduce the stinkiest of sweats—stress sweats.


Calgary sister-in-law duo and co-founders of routine., Neige and Pippa Blair, have created an amazing and all-natural product that actually works like your conventional deodorant. Not to mention, every routine. product is ethically crafted with clean ingredients and low-waste packaging—with refills even available in some cities! These two local ladies sure have come a long way from one stockist in Calgary to now being in 2,500 stores throughout Canada, the U.S., the UAE and Europe. For that, I have to applaud the girl boss founders of routine.!


Finally, we at GBB also love the fact that this local company gives back to its community. Routine. is currently ‘spreading the love’ to local charities focused on animals, arts and culture, and children, including S.W.O.B, CUFF, MEOW Foundation, ABC Bees, and Kids Cancer Care.


Check back later this week for more on making the switch to natural deodorant.