Green Bee is happy to now offer; zero waste, eco-conscious refillable products. Each Canadian-sourced product contains only clean ingredients and is packaged in eco-friendly reusable or compostable packaging.

Follow the steps below to start your refill process.

1. Choose your product from the list below. Place your order.

2. Once your product is almost empty, send us an email at with the Subject: PICKUP or DROP OFF.

3. We'll reply to your email with Drop off or Pickup instructions. Once you receive your product, Green Bee will send you an invoice for your refilled item at a discounted rate.

4. Green Bee keeps track of your refilled items, cleans, disinfects, and labels them with your information. We then reuse your designated container for your next delivery.

*Save $2 on refillable shampoo & conditioner bars. Each bar will be package-free and delivered in a reusable kraft bag.
*Routine shampoo jugs will be labeled with your information, refilled, and returned to you. 
 *Items are added monthly, so be sure to check back or send us a request at